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Apr 15, 2013 1:00pm PDT
except steven, what do you say? >> i think it's definitely fake. two angles really gives it away. >> moving on to video number three. >> a who bottle -- >> real, his name is jethro, it's real. >> this is a new user who has been uploading videos, and in the comments, he asks for challenges. >> this is fake because of the shocking lack of sweat and snot in this video. >> this is real, and i'm disappointed in all of you guys. >> guys, imagine what ice hockey would look like if althoul of t ice melted. these teams are playing under water hockey. they have goggles, fins, and they're playing hockey under the water. this was developed by scuba divers who were board in the off season. >> this takes a lot of skill to stay down there. >> i think it's kind of pool. the puck stays on the bottom of the floor, and they're swimming around playing pool hockey current water. >> i never tried water polo, but this is my thing. >> i want to see an under water fight, take the flippers off, and you should just put your thumb over the other guys snork snorkel. >> it's pry easy to be the best, on the al
Apr 23, 2013 10:30pm PDT
what those numbers would be. i think this is good and steven is doing a wonderful job for the commission >> as the sole recommendation of the public we appreciate your comments. seven in response to the question that the gentleman proposed >> i believe our intent was to notify the filers as opposed to because a they'll need some time to complete the verification code card whether or not they're coming into our office. so there's merit to sending it out as opposed to and we can - we're just using the identification of the filer that they are who they say they are. and there's i believe on the draft form there's a check form to show the fact that the staff has seen the id >> so you'll begin the process even though the process won't begin for a couple of months. is there any problem with that? >> i think the board has endorsed the signature process already. >> is there a motion? >> what - are you aware of any fraud problems or anything that have come up as a result of how san diego has used this? >> no, but there's a lot of potential for it. if you're faxing in a s
Apr 1, 2013 6:00pm PDT
, steven i see you're president of the chess club. state champs. who's your favorite chess player? nastercoff? right. nastercoff. what country is he from again? i don't know. i made it up. i'm never gonna get this thing. whoa, whoa, whoa. what are you telling me for? you really had me going there. come on, sit down. what do you want to do when you grow up? i've been telling people that i'd like to be an architect. elaine: so get this. mr. peterman is finally letting me do some real writing. he's got this book deal for his autobiography. he's gonna let me ghostwrite it. wow, that's great. when it comes out, i'll have to get someone to ghostread it. hey. hey. hey. so there i am at lorenzo's loading up my slice at the fixin's bar garlic and whatnot. mmm. and i see this guy over at the pizza boxes giving me the stink eye. and i notice that he's not alone. i'm taking on the entire van buren boys. van buren boys? there's a street gang named after president martin van buren? oh, yeah, and they're just as mean as he was. so i make a move to the door, you know? they block it. so i lunged f
Apr 25, 2013 3:30am PDT
steven left but for stevens work in keeping the information that we have out there and easily available and assessable to the public. i mean, it's not about us but it certainly sheds a favorable light on some of our efforts. any questions? >> okay items for future meeting? oh, comments? >> under item 2 apparently, the staff done as i asked and noticed where gentlemen agreements have been approved and so i thank you for that thank you. >> finally items for future meetings? okay. and finally public comment? public comments from public on future meetings? no public comment? what about public comments on information not on or on the agenda? well, i want to thank the staff and the public for making my first mooeft as the ethics committee as chair very easy and fast. this is the shortest meeting i've eve i've ev i've ever attended. okay. the meeting of the ethics committee is >> we came to seven straight about 10 years ago. -- 7th street about 10 years ago. the environment is huge. it is stronger than willpower. surrounding yourself with artists, being in a culture where artists are driv
Apr 9, 2013 7:00pm PDT
of the 80's, steven soderbergh's "sex, lies, and videotape." well, i guess it's all downhill from here. i came out of this background of guerrilla independence in which things were made very cheaply. (woman in tv) ann bishop mulhaney. (man) what do you want to talk about? what do you usually talk about -- (man) sex. (steven soderbergh) "sex, lies" i think was a fluke. it's being used as a bench mark in a financial sense. and i think that's a mistake. independent films shouldn't be judged like that. these are films ordinarily that don't cost a lot to make and don't have to make a lot of money. (narrator) soderbergh first drew attention at the sundance film festival, a yearly event held in park city, utah. one of the premiere festivals for american independent films, sundance has a reputation for showcasing unknown talent and attracting the attention of hollywood. i remember sort of seeing steven soderbergh around before the screenings of "sex, lies, and videotape" in sundance and no one knew who this guy was. he was having dinner alone. i just want to ask you a few questions like, why do y
Apr 4, 2013 6:00am PDT
of the athletic director is safe. >>> can laughter win a congressional seat? maybe if your brother's steven colbert. they're hitting the campaign trail together. and if you don't know about this, steven colbert made sure you knew about it. he spent six minutes selling his sister to voters. >> i'm going to shock some people right now and endorse my sister for congress. yes, she's a democrat. but she's a businesswoman, a job creator who raising children on $14,000 a year went back to school and is leading mark sanford in two context sective polls. are we ready to do their, nation? >> let's just say colbert's sister could not buy advertising like that because it could bank rupt her campaign. colbert bush is running against mark sanford who cheated on his wife and lied to his constituents about hiking the appalachian trail. >> welcome to both of you. good morning. so pete, you know steven colbert. as we get closer to this election, do you think colbert will devote an entire show to his sister? >> i think steven colbert will probably donate, you know, give a lot of segments of his show to it. be
FOX Business
Apr 1, 2013 4:00pm EDT
on this show are up double digits when he told you to buy. he is back with more and fresh picks. we have steven hammers. he will tell us the best investments for the second quarter even though he is a little bit more bearish. first start with dan, he is in the cme. we couldn't quite make it, what a comeback in these last couple minutes of trade? >> you know it is interesting, the market got a little panicking today. today was a good example what we get to pay attention to. we didn't have any european trade to watch so the market looked at numbers this morning. number came in off a little bit but still above 50 as david mentioned that is above growth. one thing to look at in the number the employment component was pretty good. we'll see how that works out towards friday. overall i want to see this number, not one month's worth, but two or three months before i make any assessment and it has been good over time. david: it is positive but could be better. one thing that could hold things back a little bit is this energy pop. i'm just wondering if, you know, $4 gas could end up being a drain on tha
FOX News
Apr 27, 2013 7:00pm PDT
to introduce my guest republican strategists noelle nickpor. ryen clayton. steven crowd fresh michigan and political satirist will durst who joins us from san francisco. let me say quickly that i look forward to this every year. i love, you know, the politicians. i love hollywood, the glitz and glamour and who looks good and who doesn't. noelle, what are you looking for tonight? >> looking for some of my friends. i have seen a couple of them and i'm like what are you doing there to know you are inned. >> and ryan? >> looking forward to ridiculing the politicians to their face. that is not something you can do everywhere in the world. >> judge jeanine: and sometimes they even ridicule them isselves. by the way, i will go to you, steven crowder. what are you looking for tonight? >> firstly i'm hoping to see c-span fix the shoddy camera work. secondly, i would much rather be watching shale win the ufc championship tonight. instead i have to watch blow hards and direct lack yos and we will make the best of it and let's see how it goes. >> judge jeanine: we are eternally grateful that you m
Apr 5, 2013 2:00am PDT
. steven's story, i asked myself questions. a lot of writers do that that's usually how i begin. what did he do? who did he meet when he got off the train? who was this man servant? what was his life about? it all began with the seeds and the particular questions, as simple as that. although, then, i had to answer them. what i had done is i usual low don't work with an out line. a lot of writers do they will out line what will happen and sometimes they have to because like if you are writing a mystery you need to write out the plot. i write about characters the characters drive the story. when that hatched i sat down and said, what happens is, a, he arrived and gets off the train what's going to happen. >> i know z, he would get on the train and leave at the evented book. i didn't know the alphabet in between. i was nervous and i took one step at a time very japanese like. i began to study and read everything i could find on the japanese culture. the incredible thing was not having everything that went into it and it still became a quiet book. there is a tsunami. there's tv and lep easie
Apr 27, 2013 11:00am PDT
, you may want to hold the champagne for another occasion. steven moore, senior economic writer and editorial board member, and professor robert rooich, a former secretary of labor under president clinton and author of beyond outraged, now available on paperback. should we be anticipate with 2.5% growth? does that indicate things are getting better for most americans? >> take anything we can get. the average growth over the last year has been about 2%. we're definitely going in the right direction. i agree with you, it is too early to break out the champagne. there are a lot of storm clouds on the horizon at sequester that very low proportion of working age americans actually in the workforce, about as low as we have had since 1979. >> is that because of retiring? are they giving up hope or retiring? >> well, some of them are undoubtedly giving up hope. they're not moving back into work. many are men who are over 55 years old and can't get work and out of work for a record length of time and it is doubtful they're ever going to get back in the workforce. >> steven, the sequester
Apr 11, 2013 1:00pm PDT
about the guys that took down the suspect. one of whom is 21-year-old steven mada and also a college student and better known on his instagram as cheesing 365. will you love steven from this picture on instagram. here he is after the incident in the back of a police car while he was about to be questioned about what just went down and taking a selfie of himself and they're calling him a hero vigilante and he took a picture of the suspect after he took the guy down and waited for police to come. >> all i can say is bravo to that guy. awesome. >> i am calling him a hero vigilante badass and joining this minute, steven, first of all, round of applause. >> yep. >> well done. >> good work, man. good work. tell us what went down step by step. you saw this fie and tackled him or what. >> i saw people running out and just looking scared and i heard a girl say my friend has been stabbed and another girl came out with a hole in her teeth and i was like what is going on and he said a guy is stabbing girls in the face and i go inside and another girl with a hole in her neck and i was like this g
Apr 18, 2013 3:14pm PDT
are closed. we don't need to restrict these anymore. thank you. >> my name is steven crane and i'm a disabled person living in san francisco. i'm really appalled at what i heard before about avalos saying this is criminal. i think it's disastrous. if he wants to do that, he should go to the police department for gambling and not clustering mcd's. this is not the first time this thing has been run by here. i think it's voted down the last time. i don't think that this is necessary. i think it's a real big waste of your time. i think there is a lot better things we can be doing with our times instead of talking about 250 feet. the lady who said a block or two is not far enough. i'm handicapped, but a block is more than i can make it. i saw you whisk away real fast. i don't. keep that in mind. each person has their own individual reasons why they need these things. i'm one of them and i'm here to tell you. thank you very much. >> are you ready? come on up. >> mel flores, charles, jonathan drier, frank, there you go. you are here. penny graham, alex, michael gold mar and steven curry. >> good af
Apr 15, 2013 11:00pm EDT
coverage on the egxplosions when the new edge returns. coming up terrorism expert steven emerson joins me to give us insight on this terrorist attack. >> we'll turn -- turn it over to sue to talk about the weather. >>  today we're following the boston, massachusetts eggs sploeks shins. -- explosions. joining me is steven an expert on terrorism. i want to ask you first what about this attack tells you it's foreign terrorism? >> well, i mean it can go both ways. ball bearings that were used in the bomb, the two bombs, are staples of suicide vests used in the middle east. on the other hand al-qaeda type attacks usually focus on large concentration shins of pedestrians and people such as buses stadiums, trains, not necessarily open wide streets. so there weren't that many casualties. as many as there were which is tragic it didn't kill as many as al-qaeda has killed in the past. remember this was the first successful bombing since 9/11. all other previous terrorist attacks there have been 95 attempted attacks were stopped by the f.b.i. except for three and those
Apr 6, 2013 5:00pm EDT
anymore, and so they went to war. yes, ma'am? >> could you speak to the relationship between steven douglass and henry clay. >> speak to what? >> the relationship between steven dug lass and henry clay. you didn't mention him, but he did the leg work. >> i'm sorry, the relationship between? >> steven douglass and henry clay. >> and? >> henry clay. >> oh. steven, by the way, in case i didn't mention it, is the man who then took over after clay left washington to go bathing up in rhode island. their relationship was perfectly -- it was not close. dougless disagreed with the omnibus solution and said so and walked away from it, but as soon as the omnibus went down to defeat, he jumps up and takes control and gets all of those bills passed so he deserves a great deal of credit for the compromise, and as such, he became a leading presidential candidate, and in 1860, he ran against abraham lincoln and lost. thank god. [laughter] sir? >> yeah, a couple quick questions. given clay's perspective on slavery, what was the relationship of abolition in congress, and second question is, quickly,
Apr 3, 2013 12:00am PDT
. joining me now, former republican congressman steven la tourette of ohio and conservative radio host, ben ferguson. welcome to you both. so ben, let me start with you. the nra's main recommendations today, they want at least one armed guard or school employee per school, nra program to train personnel to use firearms. now, here's my problem with this. who are these employees going to be? are they going to be teachers? are they going to be janitors? who are these school employees who are going to be trusted with being the great defenders against shooters? >> well, i think first, you look at the recommendations. they said the first candidates would be those who are either former military or former law enforcement officers, or have an extensive background being around guns. i think the other thing is, is they're willing to go through extensive training to have this and there's two options here. look at what connecticut did today. they passed a whole lot of laws and i have one big question. if someone walks in to a school in connecticut after all these laws are implemented and a gun-free zone
Apr 20, 2013 5:00pm PDT
the finish line, wheelchairs coming over the barricades to get to the wounded. >> registered nurse steven sagatori had been handling ruin teen blisters and dehydration in the med tal tent. suddenly, dozens of victims now needed his help. >> my first patient was a young man in a wheelchair. we brought him in, got him in a stretcher, and he went right out to the hospital. i went back out to start getting -- to bring the next person in and that's when i saw the stretcher with the physician on one side and an ems coming in and a physician was doing cpr. >> it was 29-year-old krystle campbell. >> he was just a beautiful young girl. she reminded me of my daughter, actually. and her wounds were horrific. you know, we worked very hard on her for a while until it was clear that it was -- it wasn't going to help the situation at all. and at that point we were feeling for a pulse and then the cardiac rhythm on the monitor was such that she was not going to survive and at that point the physician, you know, pronounced her -- said she was dead. >> dead in his arms. >> we just kind of all -- we just le
FOX News
Apr 9, 2013 12:00pm PDT
, steven marino, part of the response to the incident today. and then we have lieutenant ralph nelson, who is leading the investigation into the incident, today's incident. >> who is he with? >> harris county sheriff's office. let me say that at 11:12 a.m., we received a call at our 911 call center. the call was described as male on the loose stabbing people. white male, black hat, black and white shirt. the call was received and dispatched shortly thereafter. we had five units, four deputies, one sergeant responding to the scene along with obviously being the first responder on the scene was the lone star college police department. we were also supported by sci fair volunteer fire department, sci fair ems and supported by the department of public sa texas rangers as well as dps air units as well as houston police department air units. what we know at this point is that we have four victims that we know of. 14, my apologies. 14 victims. 14. one, four, 14 victims that we know of. of the 14, two have refused treatment. of the 12, we do know that some have been transported to two different ho
Apr 8, 2013 6:00am PDT
here. it is the steven stills' new box set. he will be there live in studio, international rock star, steven stills in the house. how cool are we? jim, i have gotten jacki schechner addicted to spinning class. we talked to each other several times between spinning classes. the instructor always says something in the heat of moment and then you think huh? [ scooby-doo's "huh?" ] he said i give you permission to ignore your body. go, that's not a slipped disk. >> if you're having a heart attack, you should not ignore the symptoms. >> stephanie: okay. what? ignore my huh? >> irresponsible. >> stephanie: i'm fine. look at me. [ applause ] okay. she's fine too. look at her. she's spectacular in the current news center. fit as a fiddle. >> we'll talk more about that when we can talk. former british prime minister margaret thatcher has passed away. she suffered a stroke this morning. reportedly had been in poor health recently and also was suffering from alzheimer's disease. thatcher was the first and only woman to serve as prime minister of the united kingdom, known as the iron lady and se
Apr 24, 2013 11:00pm PDT
had within paramount, you're there, you're the c.e.o., the great steven spielberg. the great -- >> martin scorsese. >> martin scorsese. you had there -- >> so many people. >> rose: and the thing with dreamworks didn't work out. you and vid couldn't -- what? get along? >> my regard for david geffen is extremely high. i think that david geffen is one of the greatest not only showmen but one of the greatest businessmen that have ever -- >> rose: why couldn't you make it work at paramount? >> i don't -- i can't really give you a great answer for that other than the fact that when we bought dreamworks we made what we thought was a great al. we h, as i said no development. >> rose: so you were buying development. >> we're trying to jump start -- at that time we needed the development. and the idea was that in five years we would be able to develop all of our own over those years so we really would need to go by -- >> rose: and you'd have steven spielberg. >> steven and the distribution of d.w.a.. >> rose: and the brains of david geffen. >> and the brains of david and the artistry o
FOX News
Apr 10, 2013 10:00am PDT
have been safer if they were allowed to carry guns on campus. joining me now, steven maida. one of the students who help take him down. and a radio host who wants concealed carry to be allowed on the campuses. and thank you so much. steven, start with you. i'm amazed at your courage and bravery because as i said in the last block, most of us when we hear danger and am sort of a stabbing or violent incident, would go behind closed doors. you actually ran after the danger, what made you do that? >> just seeing that it was girls that were mostly be targeted at first and hearing that a guy stabbing girls in the face made me want to go in there and protect them and hopefully maybe help someone out and maybe about to get murdered, who knows what could happen next. were you armed at all. did you have any weapon on you? >> just my fists, that's it. >> megyn: wow, how many of you actually took him down? >> three and three other guys. eric bertran and james and i didn't get the last gentleman's name. >> you see him and what do you do, how do you tackle him? >> well, it's actually a pursui
Apr 16, 2013 4:00am PDT
your estate planning. steven peck is an estate planning attorney. who would worry about this? i thought estate planning was just for the super rich. - almost everyone needs to be worried about estate planning, even if you are not over the tax limit - very few people actually are over the tax limit nowadays with the new exemption of $5.25 million. but, other people could be subject to it in the future. - there are aspects of estate planning that do affect a lot of people. for example, gift taxes. - right. the gift tax exemption was raised to the same level as the estate tax: the same $5.25 million. it was supposed to go down to a million, so this is a good opportunity for people to take advantage of this, because with the new budget proposal, there is a good chance they could lower it back to the old $1 million, and this way they could be grandfathered. if that is taken away, their estates won't be subject to this tax, and the growth will be out of the people's estates too. - i know a number of years ago, grandparents who wanted to give just a straight gift to children, for example, it w
Apr 24, 2013 1:00pm PDT
. the guy piloting the hang glider is david stevens and it's a beautiful hand gliding kind of day. nothing goes wrong. until. it's time for david to come in for a landing. >> that's always the tricky part, isn't it? >> david says in the posting underneath this video, that he was caught in a major what he calls, sink and you're going to see what the sink does. at first you don't feel like anything is going wrong. but here he comes, closer and close torte field and watch what happens. he tries to catch his feet on the ground -- >> face-first. >> he kind of does a face plant right there in the grass, you see him struggling a little bit. but he gets up, still attached to the glider. no worse for the wear, he had a helmet. >> i can imagine him standing up and spitting out those weeds. >> this is on a highway in idaho. and the person recording this video is -- >> woe, woe. >> they're on the phone with police because according to them that driver has been aggressively speeding down the freeway and hitting cars in the process. >> nice and slow. >> oh, another guy. >> he's on the shoulder. >> wow.
Apr 10, 2013 4:00am PDT
cartney left the beatles, marking the break-up of the band. >>> happy birthday to mandy moore who is 29, steven seagal who is 51 and john madden is 77. >>> former congressman anthony wiener and his wife speak out. >>> and is it possible to retire by age 40? one man opens up his plan and how it can work for you. now let's keep it to this channel for continuing local news, weather, sports and more. i'm dara brown. thanks for watching "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. have a great wednesday. >>> breaking news. shooting in the east bay leaves one person dead and sends two others to the hospital. >>> new details. we're learning about a body burned beyond recognition along a south bay freeway. >>> plus -- >> let you know he's not okay. >> saying good-bye to a south bay soldier killed in afghanistan. >>> right now, let's take a live look outside. you can see the bay bridge, traffic lights dancing on this early morning. it is wednesday, april 10th. this is "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> right now, it is 4:30, almost 4:31.
Apr 7, 2013 6:00pm PDT
on to the big screen, this time, reimagined by director steven spielberg in 3-d. >> "jurassic park," in a sense, was shot in my mind in 3-d with shots of the animals coming into the lens and i called them trombone effects where suddenly creatures and people are running toward the camera. >> back in 1993, the idea of 3-d was just that, an idea. >> never in a second did i ever think i was going to be making this movie or could be making this movie in 3-d because 20 years ago 3-d wasn't ready for primetime. >> now, t-rex and the raptors are ready for their close-ups. >> the kitchen scene works great because there's so much distance between the end of the long counters and the door where the two raptors enter so you really get a tremendous sense of perspective which we never really had before in two dimensions. >> ret theatersk" in theaters, in 3-d, now. we'll hear more from steven spielberg and one of the stars from the original "jurassic park" coming up. it's not dinosaurs but something else is about to terrify movie audiences. entertainment guru george goes inside "evil dead". >> something sinis
Apr 23, 2013 12:00pm PDT
and netflix but should you be worried? kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts reports. >> reporter: steven miller wants hbo. >> i'll a big bill maher fan. >> reporter: he just doesn't want everything that comes with it. >> ive to pea for tomorrow cast and dish and pay for basic promises which contain so many things i don't want to watch it's he ridiculous. so he uses hbo go. with a borrowed password. >> someone was kind enough to loan me their password and id. >> in fact government wanted to be aggressive, they could fairly easily tomorrow up with a felony charge. >> charges ranging from computer fraud to unauthorized access depending on the terms of service. for instance, netflix allows subscribers to watch shows on six different devices while hbo go requires every user to be a subscriber. but he says media companies don't exactly enforce those rules anyway. >> they are able to accept a certain amount of passwo sharin to the popularity of the show. >> reporter: but he warns that tolerance could change as it begins to affect their bottom line. steven miller says he wouldn't mind paying for
Apr 9, 2013 2:30am PDT
. >>> former president clinton spends quality time with steven colbert. you may be surprised why clinton says he has never sent out a single tweet. that and weather when "way too early" comes back. with some help from an american military vehicle, the heavy bronze statue came tumbling down. it's head dragged on a rope through the streets of the capital. saddam hussain, whose regime terrorized people, finally down and out. mine was earned in djibouti, africa, 2004. the battle of bataan, 1942. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto-insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. (alarm clock buzzer) ♪ (announcer) friskies. now serving breakfast. she can't always move the way she wants. now you can. with stayfree ultra thins. flexible layers move with your body while thermocontrol wicks moisture away. keep moving. stayfr
Apr 25, 2013 11:30am PDT
up andrew lindsey. >> andrew had an emergency commitment so we have steven. >> okay. steven. >> thank you. from jab on. >> what's your position? >> head of staffing. >> andrew sends his sincere apology for not being here. to give you a little of background. yan jab -- jab on is a consumer electronics company and we have currently about 300 employees and will increase by 50 percent this year to give you an idea of the growth plans. we are very very committed to being in san francisco. so i'm here to represent andrew lindsey. he's the chief of staff and also chairman of the techsf advisory committee. at jab on we are big supporters and sf technology work force. to give you examples, last summer we are we have hired an intern through the job program and converted to full time employee and he's still with us and he works in our facility and product team. we plan to continue to do that whenever it's possible. going back, i think if we can find people with the right skills, it doesn't really matter where they come or who they are, if they have the right skills we higher them. full time emp
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 717 (some duplicates have been removed)